We are not going to lie, fall is our absolute favorite season of all, and although the temps might still be a little high in Palm Desert early in the season, by fall’s end, we wish the season would go on forever! Living in the desert is a little different than living anywhere else, but we still enjoy the falling of the mercury and the taste of pumpkin spice! Palm Desert offers a unique lifestyle made even more fun when we can get out and play, and this guide to our favorite fall activities will ensure that every minute you spend here will be memorable.

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Woodhaven Country Club, 41555 Woodhaven Drive E in Palm Desert

While the rest of the world may be preparing to put away their clubs for the season, we in Palm Desert are enjoying the relief that fall brings and begin to golf in earnest! Woodhaven Country Club is one of our favorite places to play, offering a course that is fast, fun, and not too intimidating. The natural beauty of the landscape can take your mind off how many times your ball went into the sand or water hazards, and although the course is open to the public, it has the genteel feel of a private country club, making every player feel as if they have stepped into the world of quiet luxury. Costs to play do go up in the fall, as the cooler weather invites everyone to come out and play a round or two, but the beauty of the experience and the fun you will have at the 19th hole makes the extra costs worth it!

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Triabike, 44841 San Pablo Avenue in Palm Desert

As we move further into adulthood, we start to find that the simple pleasures of life bring the greatest joy. A walk around the block at sunset, that first sip of wine after a long day of adventuring, and the joys of riding a bike along desert trails are destined to be the highlights of your Palm Desert journey! Triabike is one of our favorite places to purchase the latest bikes, and because they also offer rentals, you don’t have to worry about bringing along your own set of wheels. Stop by and pick your favorite bike for a desert ride, or even better, choose one of their e-bikes, and spend your fall journey in Palm Desert exploring all that our beautiful town has to offer.

Desert Beer Company, 77770 Country Club Drive Suite D

The taste of pumpkin isn’t delegated to just pies and coffees; there is a whole world of food and drinks that could be improved with a little bit of the orange gourd, and Desert Beer Company offers the perfect example! Open Tuesdays through Sundays and offering an extensive selection of craft beers, many flavors changing with the seasons, there is no better way to have fun on a fall day in Palm Desert than with a tour of the brews served here. They are currently featuring their summer sips with quirky names—right now we are loving Red State of Mind and ‘Merica, an American light lager with only 5% ABV—when the temperatures drop, we expect to see more fall flavors drop as well!

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, 47900 Portola Avenue in Palm Desert

Families traveling to Palm Desert for the first time will be thrilled to discover a world that children love, and while you hike, bike, and play in the cooler weather, you might want to add a visit to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens to your vacation bucket list! Open by reservations only during pandemic days, they offer over 500 different animals from over 150 different species, all living out their days in happiness. Explore the desert animals that make their home at the zoo, including rhinos, bobcats, desert tortoises, dromedary camels, and check out the beautifully colored jaguars that just look exciting as they stand motionless, poised to capture whatever creature catches their eye! Want a sneak peek? Live cams available on the zoo’s website are fun to watch at any time.

Stay Home and Play

Our seasonal sanctuaries at TRAVLR Vacation Homes are designed to be lived in, so why not take one of your days and stay home and play? Sip on Apple Cider Mojitos you whipped up in our fully equipped kitchens, hang out by the pool, and work on a tan that will make your friends jealous, and if your fall visit starts in late October, watch the newest Hallmark Christmas movies on state-of-the-art televisions! Falling in love with fall is easy when you choose TRAVLR Vacation Homes for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your stay today!

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