Hosting the holiday fun at your own home can be exciting, but those who are looking to switch things up will want to consider the refreshing benefits of making your way somewhere sunny and exciting this year instead! La Quinta, California is a captivating vacation destination that’s fun year-round but provides an exceptionally exciting locale to discover when the holidays roll around. From the world-class golf courses La Quinta hosts to the vibrant Old Town scene and amazing hiking trails too, it’s a place where holiday revelers with all types of interests can find something that’s sure to inspire. Looking to shop and dine your way through a holiday stay? La Quinta is the place for that as well. Of course, knowing you have amazing accommodations booked to top off your journey in luxurious style is always a plus. That’s where the team at TRAVLR has you covered. Our portfolio of La Quinta holiday rental options is designed to make it simple for travelers to personalize their getaway at every turn!

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Savor Every Second of Holiday Fun

A holiday away is something to look forward to and those who book holiday rentals in La Quinta through TRAVLR are in for a real treat. At TRAVLR, we know exactly what it takes to elevate a getaway experience and our holiday rentals throughout the city are ideal for solo travelers, couples, large groups, and small groups alike. Our rental selection comes in a variety of design and style standards, giving guests the room they deserve to customize their holiday stay. While all of our property options of this type make a stay entirely unique, the TRAVLR commitment to comfort and quality is evident throughout our selection.

Those who book their holiday away through us will find that many of our La Quinta holiday rentals are designed with open living in mind. These spacious layouts mean that no matter how many fellow holiday travelers you arrive alongside, everyone will have the room to relax and roam that they need. Open floor plans make it easy for guests to move breezily between interior living spaces and many property options emphasize outdoor living as well! Guests will find the vast majority of our homes feature fantastically large windows throughout as well as vaulted ceilings to further enhance the overall sense of living space available. Floor-to-ceiling windows in some properties emphasize the view even further while simultaneously bringing the beauty of the great outdoors right inside at all times.

Holiday rentals that come designed to include patios, porches, decks, and even balconies give guests easy access to the fresh air, sunshine, and view at any time. These outdoor spaces are frequently furnished, making an ideal place for guests to gather with family and friends and enjoy time surrounded by impeccable scenery if they choose to! Looking to enjoy a little quiet time with the view this holiday? These outdoor areas work well for that too. In any case, the essential moments guests are craving are well within reach when they book their holiday stay through TRAVLR.

Inside, guests can count on enjoying a collection of tasteful furnishings within their holiday rental. Bookings also often include access to Wi-Fi during a stay. These connections give guests options to customize their downtime at the touch of a button and make streaming holiday movies and shows easier than ever!

Let Luxury Lead the Way to Holiday Fun

There’s no reason to skip the added luxury when you’re booking a holiday rental through TRAVLR in La Quinta. In fact, our properties can often be reserved to include fun features ranging from pools and hot tubs to fire pits, fireplaces, designer furnishings, specific views, large yards, and more! At TRAVLR, we also know that for many holiday adventurers, a trip anywhere at all on the map wouldn’t feel right without the company of a beloved canine included. Those who book with us never have to worry about finding pet care or leaving a four-legged friend behind. We make it easy to include everyone in on the holiday fun by providing guests with access to holiday rentals in La Quinta that are beautiful and pet-friendly too! These properties emphasize comfort, convenience, and space, making people and pets alike feel right at home from the moment they arrive. While La Quinta is packed with options for pet-friendly dining, those who are looking to keep things more traditional will love that so many of our La Quinta holiday rentals have full kitchens included. Here, visitors can serve up fan-favorite dishes for themselves and their pets to enjoy gathered around large tables or out on furnished patios letting the scenery be the backdrop to the fun.

Make Your Way to California This Holiday

When you’re ready to enjoy a new kind of holiday experience with the world-class amenities to match, the team at TRAVLR has you covered. Get in touch today to learn more about our exciting holiday rental options and to start planning your next trip!