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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Palm Springs

When you head to Palm Springs, California in the name of fun, you’ll find yourself in a destination that enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year! This makes it ideal for getting out and adventuring in style. When you’re ready to elevate your itinerary in the name of thrills, the following Palm Springs adventure activities are sure to inspire.

Day 1: Indulge in a Top-Speed Private Racetrack Experience

Palm Springs is a destination where it’s easy to pair sophistication with outdoor fun. The best and most adventurous example of this is the opportunity to book a driving experience at the BMW Performance Center while you’re in town. If you’re looking for a Palm Springs adventure at top speeds, this is the place to find it. You’ll be testing the limits of technology and driving capabilities on some of the newest cars on the market here as you traverse a 1.6-mile track. There’s even an off-road course for more adrenaline-pumping fun and of course, there’s no way to overlook how the gorgeous desert backdrop enhances the experience from start to finish. Skilled instructors are on-hand to make sure you can handle the basics but from there, you’ll find yourself flying down the track in luxury at breathtaking speeds. It’s an experience that promises to be unforgettable!

Day 2: Head to New and Thrilling Heights During Your Palm Springs Stay

The landscape that makes up the greater Palm Springs area is truly stunning. While it’s entirely possible to find your thrills on land here and soak up the sights in style, sometimes, you need to get a new view to find your sense of travel adventure. That’s where the team at Balloons Above comes in. Headquartered in Indio, this company, along with others in the area, offers guests opportunities to hop in a hot air balloon and take in the Palm Springs terrain from a heightened angle. From this vantage point, area date farms look miniscule, and the desert sprawls in new hues than you’ll get up close on the ground. Many of these tours are early morning rides as well, so the scenery is dripping with sunrise colors to match.

Day 3: Capture the Fun and Adventure of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing anywhere in the world is an adventure in and of itself and when you add this activity to your Palm Springs itinerary, it’s no exception to the rule. There are a variety of areas near Palm Springs where you can enjoy a guided climbing experience or head out solo in the name of scenic and challenging adventures. Pick up the Cliffhangers Guides for area tours when you plan to head to nearby Joshua Tree National Park for some truly epic routes to check out. This is by far the most popular climbing destination within reach of Palm Springs thanks to the sheer variety of options to enjoy and the ease with which you can customize your climbing experiences to match your skill level and preferences.

Day 4: Hit the Trails in Adventurous Style

Don’t miss out on adventuring through the Indian Canyon Trails while you’re visiting Palm Springs if you have a passion for trekking your way to fun and thrills. The view is beautiful along the many routes that maze through this dynamic terrain and options to enjoy wildlife viewing abound as well. There’s a rich history here for adventurers to discover as the land is part of the historic tribal area belonging to the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians.

Day 5: Explore from a Bird’s Eye View

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a great option for adventure seekers who are looking for an easy way to get their hearts pounding during their stay. Step onboard this stunning cable car to enjoy a 2.5-mile ride up and away as you pursue a destination sitting at 8,500 feet. The gorgeous views of Mt. San Jacinto State Park from this vantage point are breathtaking and it’s the perfect opportunity to get your camera out and capture the moment from above. At the summit, the fun continues with options to explore over 50 miles of hiking trails that are accessible or spend time checking on the restaurants and activities here too.

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