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Palm Desert Shops

Planning a Palm Desert vacation is something travelers from across the map can look forward to with good reason. Whether you’re the type of adventurer that can’t wait to savor time in the desert landscapes or you’re hoping to find your way through this exciting locale through flavor and fun—there’s something here for everyone! And that includes shopping adventures that are sure to be a highlight of your stay in our properties. Palm Desert is known and loved for its multitude of shopping stops to explore and discover that feature everything from big name brands to exclusive upscale stores and boutiques that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you have a day set aside to unwind and shop your way to fun while visiting Palm Desert shops, or you can’t wait to dedicate most of your time to this adventure, you’ll find that the options are many and inspiring. The following is a comprehensive breakdown of some of Palm Desert’s most delightful and beloved shopping areas to pick and choose from when you’re putting together an itinerary that promises to be customized from start to finish!