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Arts and Culture Journey to Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California is a captivating city that offers travelers easy access to towering palm trees, plenty of sunshine, amazing shopping, and sensational dining options too. It’s also a city packed with arts and culture to enjoy when you know where to go! The following stops are worth adding to your next arts and culture trip to Palm Springs.

Day 1: Explore the Palm Springs Art Museum

When you’re on the hunt for artistic inspiration in Palm Springs, you’ll find it waiting for you at the inviting Palm Springs Art Museum. This stop offers guests access to a world-class creative experience complete with stunning architecture, robust galleries, and options to browse mixed medium works from artists hailing from across the map. The museum hosts a permanent collection as well as revolving exhibits making every stop here a new experience no matter when you arrive. In addition to the main museum, the Palm Springs Art Museum hosts a Palm Desert location and a satellite location in Palm Springs that’s entirely devoted to the art of architecture and design as well. Don’t be surprised if you end up lingering here longer than you planned!

Day 2: Check Out the Sunnylands Center & Gardens During Your Getaway

Nature can be enjoyed at its very best when you make time on your Palm Springs itinerary for a stop at the Sunnylands Center and Gardens. This destination was designed from the very beginning to inspire the senses and works as a private nonprofit estate nestled in Rancho Mirage. The estate is situated on no less than 200 acres of scenic terrain and was carefully curated as a place for international diplomats to gather when needed. When it’s not being used for official purposes, Sunnylands Center and Gardens is open to the public for tours. When you head this way, you’ll find it’s easy to spend hours on end strolling the gorgeous gardens and admiring the mirage of colors they produce. Bird enthusiasts will find that the floral appeal of this place is equally intriguing to a variety of bird species, making it a prime place for bird watching as well. The center even offers official on-site bird watching tours with a professional upon request. No matter how you spend your time here, it’s a place where you’re invited to slow down and enjoy the view.

Day 3: Enjoy a Performance at the McCallum Theatre

When you’re looking to be entertained and can’t wait to include top performances on your Palm Springs itinerary, booking tickets for a show at the McCallum Theatre is a must. Since opening in 1988, the theater has continued to thrill audiences with its diverse lineup of performance options to enjoy and commitment to educating the public in the arts. The theater was named for the pioneering desert McCallum family and is renowned as one of the country’s finest presenting theaters. Ticket sales here frequently earn the theater a place on the list of the top 50 earning theaters across the globe. In addition to mesmerizing performances year-round, the McCallum Theatre hosts a variety of educational programs for schoolchildren, educators, and community members. The theatre can host 1,127 people at a time and is a place where audiences can enjoy everything from ballet and comedy to musical theater and live concerts too.

 Day 4: Book an Architecture Tour

Palm Springs is a destination known and loved for its amazing array of homes and residences boasting the very best of Midcentury architecture. Whether you’re intrigued by architecture of all types or have a passion specifically for Midcentury designs, booking an architecture tour during your time in Palm Springs is a great way to get a view of it all. Hop in a luxury SUV alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide with one of the many tour companies that operate in this area to enjoy views of home that feature creative pops of color, minimalist layouts, and lines as well as impressive floor-to-ceiling walls of windows. You’ll also learn about the many celebrities that have inhabited these Midcentury homes through the years, adding a little bit of Hollywood flair into the experience as well.

Day 5: Take an Art Walk Through El Paseo

It’s no secret that El Paseo has a reputation as being Palm Spring’s luxury shopping district. Here, visitors flock to find designer apparel and products in droves. However, El Paseo is also home to a variety of beautiful and one-of-a-kind art galleries that are best enjoyed on the first Friday of the month when the district hosts its Art Walk. Exhibits and show openings often revolve around the Art Walk calendar making it that much more exciting and inspiring. The Art Walk is typically hosted from November through May and is a great way to get a comprehensive overview of the area gallery scene.

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