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Dog Lover’s Journey to Palm Springs

When sunshine, amazing weather, and seamless access to area fun is just what you’re looking to enjoy alongside your favorite canine companion, Palm Springs offers up a dog-friendly destination to check out with every visit. Elevate your dog-focused fun from start to finish when you’re here by adding the following experiences to your itinerary. You’ll find it’s simple to enjoy the activities you’re looking forward to in Palm Springs and your four-legged friend can make the most of the adventure as well when you know where to go for a Palm Springs dog-friendly getaway.

Day 1: Hit the Hiking Trails at Mission Creek Preserve

If you and your traveling pet are the type that enjoy hitting the hiking trails, you’ll want to be sure to spend some quality time together during your Palm Springs getaway exploring the Mission Creek Preserve. This dog-friendly destination is located between the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, offering up no less than 4,760 acres of gorgeous terrain. A hike here is a chance to admire amazing flora and fauna and even access central wetlands where the backdrop transitions to the rolling hills that frame Mount San Gorgonio. The main trail through Mission Creek Preserve is 1.7 miles long and includes time to tour an old stone house and campground along the way. It’s the perfect amount of time to explore nature with your favorite pet at your side.

Day 2: Pack a Picnic and Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Day in the Valley

When you’re heading to Palm Springs with your dog who enjoys a car ride as much as time outdoors, take some time to pack a picnic lunch and hit the Pines to Palms Highway. Also known as Highway 74, this gorgeous route is great for a day trip experience when you’re looking to savor delightful views of the Coachella Valley along the way. Pick and choose from a variety of stopovers when you’re ready to enjoy a quick bite and enjoy the ride back to Palm Springs with just as much energy as when you set out.

Day 3: Explore the Pacific Crest Trail with Your Favorite Pet

Another great place to set your sights for dog-friendly Palm Springs hiking in and around Palm Springs is the iconic Pacific Crest Trail. This route is relished by experienced hikers but can be broken up into manageable portions if you and your canine companion are just looking for a day hike. The trail links up with the above-mentioned Mission Creek Preserve Trail, so it’s easy to access whenever you’re ready to set out and explore. In total, the Pacific Crest Trail covers an impressive 2,600 miles of land between Mexico and Canada. While you can certainly take on the six-month trek from start to finish, most adventurers looking to make the most of dog-friendly fun on this trail just opt for a day or two of adventure before heading back.

Day 4: Stay a While at the Palm Springs Dog Park

For the Palm Springs-bound traveling dog that loves to spend some time off-leash, an afternoon at the Palm Springs dog park is always something to look forward to. Located on Civic Drive North, this inviting dog park is perfect for canines of all sizes thanks to its many sectioned-off areas where dogs can safely socialize. The park spans 1.6 acres so there’s more than enough room for your dog to run, stretch out and have fun playing fetch. Even the fence here hosts cutouts of cacti, dogs, and trees to add a whimsical feel to your park time. What could be more refreshing?

Day 5: Enjoy Dog-Friendly Dining and Drinks

If it’s a cup of coffee you need to re-energize before heading out for more Palm Springs adventures, make your way to Koffi for a pet-friendly experience. This company has multiple locations across Palm Springs including the north, south, and central regions in addition to a Rancho Mirage locale. Their patios are always open to dogs and people alike looking to enjoy a delicious beverage and a view. Service is quick and friendly, and you’ll find the baked goods and snacks are as appealing as the coffee options on-site. For a more robust dining experience at midday, Sherman’s Deli on E. Tahquitz Canyon Way is a good dog-friendly option to add to your list. The covered patio is perfect for people and their pets when you’re looking to enjoy a sandwich and good company.

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