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An exciting getaway to sunny Palm Desert, California is always a worthwhile adventure for travelers. When you’re hoping to make the most of sightseeing along the way, the following are a few stops you simply won’t want to miss out on during your journey.  Here’s what to expect when you embark on a sightseeing journey to palm desert

Take a Beautiful Drive Along the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway While You’re in Town 

Sometimes, there’s nothing more refreshing than a scenic sightseeing drive with family and friends. When you find yourself in Palm Desert, the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway is just where you want to be! This route stretches along Highways 243 and 74 and offers up incredible views on terrain including mountains, valleys, and forests too along the way. On this scenic byway, you can count on being far from bustling city centers and instead, can focus on the fun of admiring the Southern California landscape at your own preferred pace. Don’t be surprised if this is a route you’re willing to take a time or two during your sightseeing in Palm desert. 

Get a Bird’s Eye View on Everything Here 

A popular sightseeing activity for Palm Desert visitors to enjoy year-round is booking a hot air balloon ride. This is a wonderful and thrilling way to get a new perspective on the varied and colorful landscapes the region offers up in abundance. Many tours head off into the air in the early morning hours to make the most of gentle breezes and a sunrise view as well. No matter when you happen to book your sightseeing ride, this is an experience you’re going to want to be sure you have your camera ready for. 

Hop on the Tramway and Enjoy the View 

Sightseeing in and around Palm Desert is a breeze when you book your spot on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Once you’ve secured your place, you’ll enjoy a ride 8,516 feet to the summit of the San Jacinto Mountains. The tramway gondolas carry passengers to mountain-top nature trails, ski slopes, and restaurants and shops too that are waiting to be explored. Of course, it’s those panoramic views from above that often get the heart racing and offer up vistas that are sure to linger with you long after you’ve left Palm Desert behind. 

Explore Valley Vista Point 

Yet another great option when you’re looking for some scenic sightseeing opportunities in Palm Desert is to head over to the Coachella Valley Vista Point and make the most of stunning views from an elevated vantage point. This is often pointed to as the best spot in town to savor Coachella Valley and Salton Sea scenery. There’s no cost to enjoy this sightseeing experience and you’ll be privy to one of the most photographed destinations in all of Palm Desert when you arrive! For a truly spectacular sight, be sure to plan your trip around sunset for captivating colors that are sure to inspire. 

Take Time to Enjoy the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens 

Global wildlife sightseeing is within reach right in the heart of Palm Desert when you spend quality time with family and friends at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This vast botanical garden and zoo is an incredible place to view animals that hail from the U.S. and Africa to the Americas as well. From Mexican wolves and camels to eagles and giraffes, the options are seemingly endless to be inspired by wildlife here. The gardens are also a testament to global flora as you browse manicured gardens brimming over with an array of amazing plant species. There’s also a butterfly garden on-site that’s a great place to take in a tranquil moment.  

Pair Sightseeing and Cycling 

For travelers that love to explore and enjoy sightseeing on two wheels, there’s no better trail to tackle than the Bump and Grind Trail. This is a popular path among locals and visitors alike that rises just about 1,000 feet from base to summit. It’s open to joggers but cyclists will find it’s a prime place to pedal and take in stunning desert landscapes at every turn too.  

Book a Jeep Tour to the San Andreas Fault  

Making time to enjoy a Red Jeep Tour is a must when you’re hoping to make the most of sightseeing experiences in Palm Desert. Big Red Jeep offers 3-hour adventures alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide that takes passengers through a beautiful labyrinth of geological cuts and canyons. You’ll learn more about the landscapes, local wildlife and area history along the way making the experience that much more insightful. Morning tours are offered year-round, and vehicles can typically accommodate up to seven passengers at a time. 

Enjoy Your Palm Desert Retreat in Style 

When you’re ready to turn those Palm Desert adventure dreams into a reality, the team at TRAVLR has the beautiful and inviting accommodations you deserve to top off your stay in style. Reach out to learn more about our luxurious vacation rentals available and how we can help you make more of every single moment in California. Contact us today!