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Nestled within the heart of Southern California’s sun-drenched landscape, Palm Desert and Indio offer more than just a picturesque getaway; they are vibrant hubs for local farmers and artisans. Whether you’re a vacationer soaking up the sun, a foodie in search of fresh flavors, or a treasure hunter looking for unique crafts, the farmers and craft markets in Palm Desert and Indio are not to be missed. Learn more about these local gems and discover why you should stay at one of TRAVLR’s luxurious vacation rentals.

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Certified Farmers Markets in Greater Palm Springs

Every Sunday morning from October to May, the streets of Old Town La Quinta, Palm Springs , Palm Desert , Indian Wells  and Rancho Mirage come alive, transforming into bustling marketplaces. Here, you’re invited to wander amongst stalls brimming with fresh produce, aromatic herbs, crunchy nuts, artisanal cheese, and golden honey, all sourced from local farms. The air is filled with the enticing aroma of homemade bread and pastries, while live cooking demonstrations offer a glimpse into the culinary magic that can be created with these fresh ingredients.

Sip on a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice as you pick out a stunning bouquet of flowers, adding a splash of color to your day. The charm of the city’s downtown area, coupled with the vibrant array of goods on offer, makes this market a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Palm Desert.

Greater Palm Springs Street Fairs

Moving to Indio, the local market scene shifts focus towards artisanal crafts and treasures. While still home to wonderful farmers markets, Indio’s vibrant street fairs and gatherings bring together a diverse array of local vendors, each offering something unique. From handcrafted jewelry and bespoke garments to intricate home décor and one-of-a-kind artworks, the markets here are a treasure trove for those looking to take a piece of the desert home with them.

The festive atmosphere is amplified by food trucks serving up delicious bites, live music that sets the tone for a day of exploration, and street performers that add a touch of whimsy to your shopping experience. VillageFest, in particular, transforms downtown Palm Springs into a lively street fair every Thursday, offering an unforgettable experience for visitors and locals alike.

The Palm Springs Open Air Market

Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, the Open Air Market is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Every Saturday morning, this market showcases a diverse range of local produce, crafts and goods, all displayed in an open-air setting that allows visitors to soak up the warm California sun while browsing.

The market is a true reflection of the vibrant community in Palm Springs, with vendors from various backgrounds coming together to showcase their talents and creations. From fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade jewelry and unique artwork, there’s something for everyone at this eclectic market.

But it’s not just about the goods on display – the Palm Springs Open Air Market also offers a lively atmosphere, filled with live music, food trucks, and activities for the whole family. Take a stroll through the market, sample some local foods, and enjoy the vibrant energy of this lively community gathering.

Why Stay with TRAVLR?

After a day of exploring the vibrant markets of Palm Desert and Indio, there’s nothing quite like returning to the comfort and luxury of a TRAVLR vacation home. Each of our properties is thoughtfully designed to meet exceptional quality and standards, ensuring your stay is as memorable as your market adventures. With modern smart home technology, stylish furnishing, and a range of amenities, our vacation rentals offer the perfect retreat.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy hideaway or a sprawling estate, our properties cater to every need. Imagine lounging by your private pool, soaking in the stunning views, and reveling in the serene beauty of the desert—it’s all possible with TRAVLR. Our vacation homes provide the ideal base for your market explorations, offering both convenience and unparalleled comfort.

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Palm Desert and Indio are not just destinations; they are experiences waiting to be lived. The local farmers and craft markets offer a unique insight into the vibrant community spirit and rich agricultural heritage of the area. From the fresh produce of Palm Desert to the artisanal crafts of Indio, there’s a world of discovery at your fingertips.

And when the day is done, TRAVLR Vacation Homes await to provide you with a luxurious retreat. With properties that promise exceptional quality, comfort and style, we ensure your getaway is nothing short of extraordinary. Don’t wait any longer. Book your getaway with TRAVLR today!

Memorial Day Weekend is quickly approaching, and we are inviting you to embark on a rejuvenating retreat to Palm Desert and Indio, CA. Nestled in the breathtaking backdrop of the Santa Rosa Mountains, these charming cities offer a harmonious blend of natural splendor, outdoor adventure, and luxurious relaxation. Whether you’re craving outdoor exploration, gourmet dining experiences, or simply yearning for relaxation, Palm Desert and Indio are primed to captivate your heart and soul. Explore the top attractions and activities waiting for you during your California Memorial Day getaway in this desert oasis.

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Explore the Great Outdoors

Joshua Tree National Park is for those looking to explore the beauty of the desert. Among its highlights, the Hidden Valley Trail offers an accessible route through stunning rock formations and iconic Joshua trees, ideal for families or anyone seeking a leisurely walk with picturesque views. For those up for a challenge, Ryan Mountain promises rewarding panoramic vistas from its summit, though the ascent requires some effort. Don’t miss Skull Rock, a fascinating natural sculpture easily spotted from the roadside, perfect for a quick stop and a photo op. For breathtaking sunsets and expansive views that can stretch all the way to Mexico on clear days, head to Keys View. Beyond these, the park is laced with a variety of trails, each presenting its own unique slice of the desert’s rugged beauty.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

After a day of exploration, treat your taste buds to a culinary journey through Palm Desert and Indio’s vibrant dining scene. From upscale restaurants to quaint cafes, the options abound for delectable dining experiences that will tantalize your palate. Sample succulent seafood and craft cocktails at one of the city’s waterfront eateries, or savor farm-to-table fare prepared with locally sourced ingredients. And for dessert enthusiasts, satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to one of the area’s charming bakeries or dessert shops, where you can indulge in an array of decadent treats that promise to leave you craving more.

Experience Desert Luxury

Elevate your Memorial Day getaway with a stay at one of Palm Desert and Indio’s luxurious vacation rentals. Envision yourself lounging poolside at your private villa, surrounded by sweeping views of the majestic mountains and lush desert landscape. From spacious estates equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to cozy casitas nestled amidst gardens, there’s a perfect accommodation option to suit every traveler’s preference. Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury at your own desert sanctuary.

Pool Day Paradise

Escape the desert heat by spending a leisurely day lounging poolside at your luxurious vacation rental. Take a refreshing dip in the sparkling waters of your private pool, or simply unwind on a plush lounge chair as you soak up the warm California sunshine. With the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains as your backdrop, you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated as you sip on a refreshing beverage and let your cares melt away. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful moment of solitude or a fun-filled day of splashing around with loved ones, a pool day at your vacation rental promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a Poolside Barbecue

Cap off your pool day with a mouthwatering barbecue feast under the desert sky. Fire up the grill and cook up a delectable spread of grilled favorites, from savory burgers and succulent steaks to flavorful kebabs and fresh seafood. Gather with family and friends as you dine al fresco amidst the serene desert landscape, with the sounds of nature as your backdrop. And as the sun sets over the horizon, gather around the firepit to roast marshmallows and share stories.

Discover the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

For an unforgettable family-friendly outing, embark on a visit to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Located in Palm Desert, this expansive wildlife park offers a captivating blend of conservation, education, and entertainment. Explore immersive exhibits showcasing desert habitats from around the world, where you can encounter a diverse array of animals, including giraffes, cheetahs, Mexican wolves, and more. Stroll through lush botanical gardens adorned with native flora and fauna, and learn about the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems. With interactive experiences, wildlife encounters, and scenic walking trails, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens promises a day of adventure and discovery for visitors of all ages.

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Don’t wait any longer – seize the opportunity to create unforgettable memories this Memorial Day weekend with a getaway to Palm Desert and Indio. With its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse array of activities, and luxurious vacation rentals, this desert oasis offers the perfect escape for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and everything in between. Contact us now to book your dream getaway and embark on the ultimate Memorial Day adventure in Palm Desert and Indio.

Whether you’re looking for a picture-perfect place to escape the snow and cold when winter rolls around, or you’re in the mood for a getaway with a focus on sunshine and fun in abundance another time of year, Palm Desert is waiting to be enjoyed. This gem of a California vacation destination is one that’s loved by travelers from across the map with good reason. Situated in the scenic heart of the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert provides its locals and visitors with easy access to amazing dining options, world-class shopping stops, and elegant golf courses where you can perfect your short or long game alike in style. When you’re not indulging in a sensational spa treatment or taking a custom tour, Palm Desert is a place where you can enjoy the fresh air out on the hiking and biking trails.

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Whether you’re heading this way with every intention of making it a relaxing and leisurely escape, or you can’t wait to add as many adrenaline-pumping adventures to your itinerary as possible, Palm Desert is a destination where you’re free to enjoy the very best of it all. If you’re lucky enough to have three days to spare in the name of vacation fun, the following insider’s Palm Desert travel guide is a good place to start when maximizing the experience is a priority.

Getting To and Around Palm Desert

Whether you choose to fly or drive into Palm Desert for a well-deserved vacation, it’s bound to be an unforgettable trip that might just bring you back in this direction year after year. For those who prefer to fly, the nearest airport to Palm Desert is the Indio/Palm Springs Airport (PSP), which is only a little over 10 miles from the center of the city. If you’re looking to infuse a bit more of a road trip into your getaway, you can always choose to fly into the San Bernardino Airport, which is 75 miles away, or the San Diego Airport, which sits around 84 miles from Palm Desert. Santa Ana is another inviting place to land at just 86 miles from Palm Desert.

No matter where you choose to fly into, you’re going to want to have a rental car available to get around at your own preferred pace. While Palm Desert is certainly a place you can leave the car behind and walk or bike, if you have outdoor adventures on your itinerary, having easy travel accommodations makes the experience that much more convenient. Those who rent their car in Palm Springs will find that it only takes around 21 minutes to cover the distance between the two destinations. When you’re looking to expand your Palm Desert fun, knowing Palm Springs is just as easy to access makes tailoring your stay a breeze.

Palm Desert Trip

Day 1

After you enjoy a delicious breakfast in your luxurious Palm Desert rental on day one of your California getaway, you’ll head over to the Historical Society of Palm Desert to get a better idea of what the area you’ve come to explore is all about. Located at 72861 El Paseo, the Historical Society of Palm Desert is a fascinating place to browse a variety of exhibits and artifacts detailing the local traditions, desert landscape, art, fashion, and lifestyle. Making this stop even more historic and meaningful is the fact that it’s located in what was the city’s very first fire station. The Historical Society of Palm Desert is open October through May from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm Friday through Monday.

Once you’ve had your fill of Palm Desert’s stories and rich past, it’s time to take your adventures out and about in pursuit of Palm Desert’s Art in Public Places program. This inspiring initiative is colorful and creative, giving Palm Desert visitors and locals alike access to larger-than-life art and sculptures scattered throughout the city. From murals and bronze statues to abstract art and towering masterpieces, the designs are vast and varied, and using the online self-guided map is a great way to get familiar with Palm Desert’s layout quickly. You can also consider renting a bike from local stops like Tri-A-Bike to get around faster when you want to see all of the public art there is to enjoy.

After a day of adventuring on two wheels, it’s time to enjoy a show in good company. Palm Desert’s McCallum Theater is a top-rated performance venue in town for everything from Broadway shows and concerts to comedy and dance. You’ll want to make sure you check the event calendar before you come to town so that you have tickets in hand and ready to go upon arrival. After your show, enjoy a delicious dinner in good company at Casuelas Café. Located at 73703 CA-111, Casuelas Café is open until 9:00 pm each evening and is a great place to indulge in authentic Mexican fare while sipping handcrafted cocktails or a margarita and enjoying live musical entertainment. When the breeze is just right, be sure to request a place on the open-air patio.

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Day 2

The second day of your Palm Desert stay is all about enjoying the greens and soaking up sensational California landscapes at the same time. You’ll achieve this after breakfast by heading over to Desert Willow Golf Resort to make your tee time. This is a gorgeous and award-winning golf course in town that you won’t want to miss whether you’re new to golf, or an experienced golfer looking to check the best courses off the list no matter where you roam. There are two courses to choose from when you arrive, but both provide sweeping views out over the Santa Rosa Mountains. The Firecliff Course is more challenging and asks golfers to conquer an array of water features, more than 100 bunkers, and natural barriers alike. Over at The Mountain View Course, you’ll find eight tee selections paired up with desert landscape, fewer water features, and rolling fairways that are undeniably picturesque.

After lunch, it’s time to enjoy an afternoon at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This is a must-visit on the second day of your stay if you’re in town with the entire family in tow, but it’s just as suitable for travelers of all ages with a passion for wildlife! The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a great place to enjoy an immersive experience thanks to the more than 1,400 animal and plant species showcased on-site. Whether you’re strolling through the African savannah-style area encountering giraffes, or exploring the Rhino Savanna exhibit instead, this is a destination that demonstrates the beauty and power of nature as well as the importance of caring for the wildlife and world around us.

Next up is a trip to The Fine Art of Design on El Paseo. While Palm Desert is packed with big-name stores to explore, The Fine Art of Design is a vintage clothing shop where you can enjoy some time treasure-hunting for the very best finds! The inventory here is constantly changing whether you’re looking for apparel, accessories, or something in between. Once you’re satisfied with your shopping efforts, head over to the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden for some artistic inspiration that might just bring you back a time or two. This evening, reward your sightseeing efforts with a delicious dinner at Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill. Located at 73260 El Paseo, this eatery serves up savory and authentic Mexican fare as well as amazing house margaritas. The colorful ambiance and friendly service make this a destination where it’s easy to linger longer than you originally planned.

Palm Desert Hiking Day

Day 3

The last day of your Palm Desert adventure takes you out to the hiking trails and requires you to lace up your boots in the name of outdoor fun. A trip to Palm Desert wouldn’t feel complete without some time trekking through the gorgeous local landscapes and when you head this way, you never have to venture far to find them. While Palm Desert is packed with routes that are suitable for hikers of all skill levels, you can infuse amazing views into the experience when you set your sights on The Cross Loop. This is a 2.7-mile round-trip adventure that’s particularly popular in the early morning hours when sunset can be enjoyed at the summit cross. If you’re traveling with a dog in tow, they’re more than welcome to accompany you on this trail as long as they remain leashed at all times. If you want to extend your outing, the popular Bump and Grind Trail offers up 3 miles of terrain to trek with great views and wildlife-watching opportunities included along the way.

After a restorative lunch, it’s time to take your exploration indoors once more at the CODA Gallery in town. Located at 73400 El Paseo, the CODA Gallery is a great fine art gallery to enjoy when you’re in the mood to browse unique paintings, sculptures, photographs, glasswork, and more. The spacious showrooms here are endlessly inviting and a testament to the wonderful work being done by an array of modern artists. The CODA Gallery is open daily from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, making it an easy place to fit onto your itinerary and a welcome destination to enjoy for as long as you’d like once you arrive.

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Follow up your art gallery experience with an afternoon visit to Palm Desert’s Civic Center Park. Situated at 43900 San Pablo Avenue, Civic Center Park is a sprawling locale that’s loved by locals and visitors alike. Here, you’ll have seamless access to inviting green spaces for resting, relaxing, or playing with the little ones in your traveling crew. The park also hosts tennis courts, picnic areas, public art, and sports fields to enjoy. There’s also a dog park on-site if your furry friend could use some time to run and burn off extra energy. Depending on what time of year you arrive, you might be in time to catch a public concert hosted at Civic Center Park as well.

This evening, end your Palm Desert adventure with a well-earned and elegant meal at Mastro’s Steakhouse. Make your way to 73405 El Paseo to enjoy this delicious eatery within The Gardens on El Paseo. Dinner is served between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm each night and whether you pick indoor or outdoor seating, you’ll be treated to live music while you dine. Appetizers here include chilled Bearing Sea King crab legs and shrimp cocktail as well as oysters Rockefeller, caviar, sauteed shrimp, and lobster cocktail. There’s a wide variety of sushi on the menu as well as petit filet, bone-in Kansas City Strip, double cut pork chops, rack of lamb, and herb-roasted chicken. Don’t forget to inquire about their impressive global wine list that ensures every dish on the menu comes with just the right red, white, or sparkling pairing!

Palm Desert Art

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At TRAVLR, we know that the details make all the difference in the guest experience and our rentals are always a testament to impeccable standards of luxury and style. We pair our gorgeous vacation homes with award-winning customer care to ensure all of our guests know how valuable they are upon arrival. Whether you’re booking a stay for a few days or you’re looking forward to an extended adventure in California, our team is here to handle the details while you focus on the well-deserved fun ahead. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible property options available and how we can help you make more of every single moment. We can’t wait to welcome you to sunny Palm Desert soon!

Packing your bags and heading to Palm Desert, California in the name of fun, adventure, and new discoveries is something everyone deserves to enjoy once in a while. Here, you can count on amazing weather, easy access to unforgettable activities and attractions, as well as time spent in nature enjoying the gorgeous landscapes everywhere you look. Of course, Palm Desert is also home to a tantalizing array of eateries to check out when cravings come calling. Whether you’re in the mood for local fare or you can’t wait to settle into an elegant restaurant and enjoy a night out savoring dishes inspired by far-flung destinations, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more right here. Consider the following your ultimate Palm Desert dining guide when you’re ready to elevate the palate-pleasing moments ahead.

Enjoy an Afternoon or Evening of Fantastic Mexican Fare at Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill

If after time on the trails or exploring Palm Desert shops you find yourself longing for some mouthwatering and authentic Mexican fare, Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill is where you’ll find it. Located at 73260 El Paseo, this Palm Desert favorite is a great place to bring family and friends for lunch or dinner. Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill is open from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 10:00 pm. Guests can pick and choose between indoor and outdoor seating options upon arrival but no matter where you settle in, you can count on every dish here being served up with a side of friendly service. If you choose to dine indoors, you’ll find yourself surrounded by colorful walls coated in beautiful murals as well as a sleek bar to enjoy if you’re dropping by for a round of house margaritas.

Many nights of the week, Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill hosts live musical entertainment making a meal here as entertaining as it is tasty. Whether you opt for the tamales on the menu or prefer a burrito, chimichanga, or a collection of custom tacos ranging from grilled salmon and jumbo shrimp to Tacos Tres Amigos, your tastebuds will thank you for the experience. Don’t be surprised if Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill is a place that calls you back time and again during your Palm Desert getaway.

Make the Most of Elegant Dining at Mastro’s Steakhouse

When you’re in the mood for a sophisticated night out after a day of adventure in Palm Desert, Mastro’s Steakhouse is where you want to be. Located at 73405 El Paseo, Mastro’s Steakhouse is situated within the greater Gardens on El Paseo and provides patrons with a welcoming, lovely, and savory experience to enjoy from start to finish. Pick and choose between indoor or outdoor seating when you enjoy a dinner here between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm any night of the week. This is a dinner destination in town that you’ll want to be sure to dress your best for. Mastro’s Steakhouse enforces a strict upscale dress code made to match the elegant surroundings you’ll savor once you’re inside. Beachwear, sweatshirts, gym attire, hoodies, hats, and tank tops aren’t permitted here.

Once you get settled at a table, there’s a good chance you’ll be treated to live music as you peruse the menu between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays as well as 5:30 pm until 9:30 pm Sunday through Thursday. Oftentimes, the hardest part of dining here is having to choose just one of the amazing entrees they serve up in style. Seafood selections include bigeye tuna and jumbo lobster tail as well as Norwegian cold-water salmon and Chilean sea bass. The menu also boasts New York strip and filet as well as herb-roasted chicken and rack of lamb. Sushi is also available to order at Mastro’s Steakhouse upon request while small plate options range from shrimp cocktail and sauteed shrimp to lump crab cakes and oysters on the half shell.

Drop by Aspen Mills Bakery and Café for a Coffee or Lunch

If you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up to start the day, or you’re looking forward to a casual late lunch during your Palm Desert adventure, Aspen Mills Bakery and Café is a great place to add to the itinerary. You’ll find this welcoming eatery at 73600 Alessandro Drive, and when you drop by, you can count on enjoying the aroma of freshly baked bread each day. Aspen Mills Bakery and Café is a locally owned family business that’s been serving up muffins, cookies, bread, and pies to the greater Palm Desert area and beyond for nearly 30 years. It’s long been a passion for the owners and the love for what they do can be felt by guests upon arrival. From the friendly service to the more than 30 different breads found here each morning alongside breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and coffee, it’s a place that has a way of feeling just like home.

While an espresso first thing in the day can be the fuel you need to make the most of the fun ahead, the gourmet sandwiches and healthy salads are wonderful for afternoon breaks with family and friends. If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, don’t hesitate to pair your beverage selection at Aspen Mills Bakery and Café with a brownie or a homemade cookie that’s sure to delight!

Enjoy The 19th Hole Sports Bar & Restaurant Morning, Noon, Or Night

Travelers heading to Palm Desert who are looking for an any time of day destination to enjoy a great meal will find it at The 19th Hole Sports Bar & Restaurant. Located at 42305 Washington Street, 19th Hole Sports Bar & Restaurant is a relaxed and fun eatery that serves up brunch, lunch, and dinner options between 11:30 am and 8:00 pm daily. This low-key restaurant comes with a pub vibe that’s decidedly laid-back and a great place to catch the game with friends. Indoors, you can pair your preferred meal with time at the pool tables or watch something on the many large flat-screen televisions overhead. The 19th Hole Sports Bar & Restaurant also has an outdoor patio for guests who prefer a fresh-air meal in good company when they drop by. Many nights of the week, this stop showcases live musical performances that can be enjoyed with fantastic handcrafted cocktails, wine, or beer.

If you’re here for the appetizers, don’t miss out on the calamari, wings, chicken fingers, pretzel bites, and loaded tots. The menu also has soup and salad for those looking to dine light while entrees range from burgers and patty melts to shrimp & chips, tacos, and carne asada burritos too. When you’re looking forward to ending your meal on a sweet note, the dessert section of the menu showcases cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, and sundaes to enjoy.

Savor International Cuisine at Alps Village

Even in the heart of Palm Desert, travelers who can’t wait to savor the flavors of Europe can do so with ease at Alps Village. Located at 77734 Country Club Drive F, Alps Village is an unassuming eatery from the outside that serves up bold and unforgettable flavors once you get settled inside! Here, you can make the most of a casual and rustic-chic atmosphere complete with a fireplace that adds a cozy touch to the aesthetic. The menu boasts the best of German, Hungarian, and Eastern European specialties ranging from pasta and chicken paprikas to Wienerschnitzel and goulash too. Of course, topping off your meal with German beer is always a treat no matter when you drop by. Alps Village is open Monday through Thursday from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm for dinner. On Fridays and Saturdays, they’re open from 10:00 am until 1:30 pm before reopening for dinner service between 4:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

Grab a Slice at Bill’s Pizza

Every once in a while, nothing hits the spot quite like a great slice of pizza. When you find yourself longing for a delicious bite, head over to Bill’s Pizza in Palm Desert at 73196 Highway 111. This pizza place is a great place to bring the entire family when cravings come calling and a location that’s loved by locals and visitors alike. They’ve earned their reputation for using fine quality ingredients, friendly service, and unique techniques and toppings that make their pizza stand out in a crowd. When you drop by, you can always count on options to customize your pizza or choose from the 22 creations that are already on the menu. Some of the details that make all the difference here at Bill’s Pizza include the use of Extra Virgin olive oil, imported pizza flour from Italy, sourdough pizza crust that’s made daily, and Schreiner’s custom-made sausage. From the fresh vegetables used to top every pie to the gas-fired brick ovens that heat them to perfection, Bill’s Pizza is a place worth returning to a time or two while you’re in town. Feel free to drop by any day of the week between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Spend Some Time in Good Company at Beach House Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes it’s not a full meal you’re after while traveling but something refreshing and sweet while you’re on the go. When this sounds exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to set aside time during your Palm Desert visit for a trip to Beach House Frozen Yogurt. Located at 72363 Highway 111 A2A, Beach House Frozen Yogurt opens its doors to patrons daily between noon and 9:00 pm to peruse over 21 frozen yogurt flavors that can be topped with 60 unique offerings on-site. Beach House Frozen Yogurt sits within the Desert Crossing Shopping Center and is a family-friendly destination to add to your itinerary when you’re craving shakes and smoothies. While you can always take your selections to go, Beach House Frozen Yogurt has a few cozy tables indoors as well if you’re looking to linger awhile in good company.

Start the Day Right at Breakfast Republic

There’s a good chance your Palm Desert itinerary is packed and when you know you need to start your day on a delicious note to get things going, Breakfast Republic is the very best place to do it. Sitting at 44491 Town Center Way, Breakfast Republic serves up savory breakfast options daily between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. Here, you can count on finding all of your traditional breakfast favorites like pancakes, French toast, hash browns, eggs, omelets, and more. Beyond the standard beginning-of-the-day delights, this eatery also puts a unique twist on breakfast fare with options to enjoy Oreo pancakes, shrimp & grits, S’mores French toast, and a variety of other unique menu additions that are always palate-pleasing! The atmosphere here is welcoming and cozy making it a place everyone in your traveling crew will feel comfortable. The menu also has a section dedicated to vegan breakfast bites for those in your group who adhere to dietary restrictions.

Enjoy the Best of Local Fare at Cork Tree California Cuisine

Don’t leave Palm Desert behind without a dinner at Cork Tree California Cuisine. Found at 74950 Country Club Drive, this eatery showcases the best of California’s local fare in an elegant setting that’s perfect for dinner. Guests can enjoy dining indoors or out on the patio with options to settle in at the bar if you’re dropping by for happy hour and a glass of California-produced wine. Cork Tree is open from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 10:00 pm. The menu features delicious options like pasta primavera, seared Bristol scallops, boneless braised short ribs, and white Peking duck breast too. Whether you go for the seared Chilean sea bass or the prime rib-eye, you can top it off with house-made warm apple cinnamon tart or Dutch molten chocolate cake.

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When travel plans bring you to Palm Desert, TRAVLR has the vacation rental you need to elevate your experience in style. Reach out today to learn more about our luxurious property options available and how we can help you make more of every single moment you’re in town.

Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon making right now the very best time to put your California travel plans into place alongside the one you love most! If you’re lucky enough to be planning on spending quality time together in Palm Desert and Indio, you’ll find the options for expanding the Valentine’s Day fun on your itinerary seemingly endless. Whether you’re looking to indulge in flavorful moments in good company or you can’t wait to explore and enjoy top-notch entertainment, both Palm Desert and Indio are packed with potential for unforgettable experiences. The following are just a few of the many most romantic events and activities for your Valentine’s Day in California to enjoy when you’re in the area over February 14th.

Dine in Romantic Style

For many couples, it’s hard to imagine a Valentine’s Day getaway without a few amazing meals included on the lineup. Fortunately, when you head this way in the name of romantic celebrations, there are plenty of delicious eateries to choose from that are elegant, inviting, and decidedly delicious. Consider making a reservation at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Palm Desert when you find yourself in the mood for a romantic meal featuring everything from steak and seafood to perfect red, white, and sparkling wine pairings. Morton’s The Steakhouse is located on Country Club Drive and is open from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. with extended weekend hours until 10:00 p.m. If it’s a romantic Valentine’s Day meal with a focus on sensational seafood you’re craving, Mitch’s on El Paseo is a must. This fine dining destination is as beautiful and inviting as it is savory. Here, you can order up a variety of seafood selections as well as sushi and sake. Be sure to make your reservations early for a meal enjoyed at Mitch’s on El Paseo.

Enjoy a Sweet Moment at Brandini Toffee

When you’re a couple that has a shared sweet tooth to satisfy, heading over to Brandini Toffee might just be the highlight of your Valentine’s Day getaway experience. Found on South Palm Canyon Drive, Brandini Toffee is a top-rated chocolate shop where you can pick up romantic gift boxes filled with everything from almond toffee and truffles to toffee-topped popcorn and beyond. They also serve up ice cream shakes and bars in customized style. It’s a delicious destination that you won’t want to miss this Valentine’s Day.

Spend Time Together at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Indio

No matter what time of year you find yourself enjoying a getaway in Indio, California, time spent at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is bound to inspire. Time enjoyed here over Valentine’s Day is no exception to the rule! Making things even more exciting is the fact that the casino typically hosts Valentine’s Day dinner specials on-site that you can pair with your winnings at the slots. If your plans have you heading to Indio by February, 10th, you’ll be just in time to enjoy a performance by Jed, Sheryn & Jona as they bring a collection of beloved Valentine’s Day love songs to the stage starting at 7:30 p.m.

Spas to Relax at in Indio and Palm Desert

Sometimes nothing says romance quite like a Valentine’s Day enjoyed pampering yourself at a local spa. When you’re headed this way to celebrate, you’ll find plenty of options to pick from whether you’re looking to enjoy a couple’s massage, facials, exfoliating wraps, aromatherapy, hot stone treatments, or something more. In Palm Desert, places like The Spa at Desert Springs, Bliss Chakra Spa, and Desert Serenity Float & Spa are sure to satisfy. In Indio, destinations like Indio Spa, CHY Massage, and Jenny Sobadora Massage will leave you feeling and looking your very best this Valentine’s Day.

See a Show with the One You Love Most

If you’re looking forward to a Valentine’s Day performance together, your trip to Palm Desert puts you right on schedule to purchase tickets to see The Ten Tenors at the McCallum Theater between February 13th and 17th, 2024. Their show this Valentine’s Day will be titled “Love Is in The Air.” Come and enjoy this group of talented Australian performers showcasing a combination of classic love songs that will have you singing along as well as pop songs with a unique twist to enjoy. It promises to be an unforgettable treat for the entire audience.

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An incredible Valentine’s Day experience is waiting for you in Indio and Palm Desert this year. When you know you’re going to be wanting luxurious and inviting accommodations to top off your getaway in style, the team of property professionals at TRAVLR has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting options available and how we can help you make more of every romantic moment that awaits. We can’t wait to help you enjoy a one-of-a-kind journey and look forward to seeing you in sunny California this February.

Taking time to get out of town this Valentine’s Day and spend quality time with your partner is always something to look forward to. Making your Valentine’s getaway to Palm Desert and Indio enhances the experience even further. The following are just a few of the many reasons you’ll want to book your romantic getaway today! 

Romantic Valentine’s Getaway to Palm Desert & Indio Today

For couples heading to California this Valentine’s Day with a shared passion for musical moments, booking tickets to see The Piano Guys in Palm Desert is a must! This talented quartet hails from Utah and has a gift for blending classical music with pop that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Earning fame from their original YouTube videos, The Piano Guys now tours in a professional capacity much to the delight of audiences across the nation. They’ll be performing at the McCallum Theatre on February 10th and 11th in 2023 making their show a great addition to your Valentine’s Day itinerary. The performance on the 10th begins at 8:00 pm while shows on the 11th start at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm alike. The McCallum Theatre can hold up to 1,127 guests and is located at 73000 Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert. Tickets for this event can be booked online in advance! 

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Participate in a Valentine’s Craft Event in Indio

Creative couples looking for a way to put their artistic skills to the test this Valentine’s Day will love every minute spent at the craft event in Indio. On February 14, 2023, guests are invited to make their way to the Indio Community Park at 45-871 Clinton Street right next to the Indio Community Center. Between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm, the park will be transformed into a giant craft center where families can create homemade Valentines for the ones they love most! This is an ideal stop for the couple looking to incorporate a little romance into their trip when the family is in tow too. After you’ve taken time to create your Valentine’s, be sure to take a stroll through the park which is filled with plenty of green spaces and walking trails to check out as well. 

Drive the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway

If you’re making your way to Palm Desert and you and your partner are the types that can’t wait to get out and make the most of romantic scenery this Valentine’s Day, a drive along the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway is a great option. This tantalizing tour begins at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountain Visitor Center on Highway 74 in Palm Desert. The byway leads out to a collection of captivating switchbacks that overlook the greater Palm Springs area. As you drive on, you’ll find the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway offers up incredible views of the Coachella Valley, specifically from Vista Point. As the road makes its way through Pinyon Pines and Pinyon Crest, rolling hills take center stage until you reach Paradise Valley. This route also passes by stops well worth enjoying and photographing like Lake Hemet, Idyllwild, and Indian Vista Viewpoint just to name a few. It’s a beautiful drive that promises to be as romantic as it is unforgettable. 

Hike the Bump and Grind Trail

Outdoor enthusiast couples that can’t wait to get out and explore together in Palm Desert this Valentine’s Day might find their time on the Bump and Grind trail to be the highlight of their stay! This scenic and inviting 4-mile loop is one of the most popular for hikers to enjoy in the area with good reason. It’s a moderately difficult route that takes just under 2.5 hours to finish. Mountain biking is another way to take to this trail for those who are looking to enjoy the scenery at a faster clip. Heading out for an early morning trek is a sure way to leave the crowds behind and add a touch of tranquility to the experience too. 

Book a Day at Indio Spa & Boutique

Sometimes, taking time to refresh, relax, and restore together is the best way a couple can spend a Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to do exactly that and you find yourself in Indio this year, be sure to book your spa day at Indio Spa & Boutique. Located at 42-151 WorldMark Way, this spa is open daily at 9:00 am and offers up a wide variety of services that will leave guests feeling and looking their very best. Whether you go for exfoliation and wraps or book a couples massage complete with hot stone treatments, it’s an indulgent and well-deserved experience you’re sure to love this holiday. 

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Your Valentine’s trip to Palm Desert and Indio is sure to inspire. Having luxurious and romantic accommodations in place too only makes it that much better. Reach out to the team at TRAVLR today to learn more about our incredible property options available and to start planning your getaway! 

Finding time in a busy schedule to enjoy a well-deserved getaway with the family is always worth your while. Heading to Palm Desert and Indio makes it that much better! Luckily, even if you’re traveling with a large family, you won’t have to break the bank to make the most of the fun. The following are just a few of the many family-friendly things to do in California to enjoy in Palm Desert and Indio that are cost-effective and endlessly exciting!

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Enjoy Time at College of the Desert Street Fair

When browsing one-of-a-kind goods and locating that unique find is something you and your family love to do, time at College of the Desert Street Fair promises to be an inspiring activity to add to your itinerary! This iconic event has been a part of the community for over 36 years and offers visitors a chance to enjoy strolling through an open-air market and looking at merchandise that’s ideal for all ages! Here, you can find everything from home goods and vintage apparel to toys, food, crafts, gourmet items, and beyond. There are even live musical performances to enhance the atmosphere and make time browsing that much more enjoyable. If you do happen to stumble upon something you’d like to purchase, you can feel great knowing proceeds go to funding and support for College of the Desert students. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great atmosphere to savor alongside those you love most. The street fair is open between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, October through May. Hours are adjusted to 8:00 am and noon June through September. For planning purposes, do note that the fair is closed in July and August.

Take a Drive on the Pine to Palms Scenic Byway

Palm Desert is known and loved for its stunning landscapes. Whether you’re an amateur photographer who can’t wait to snap the scenery in style, or you’re simply looking for a cost-friendly way to entertain the family while you’re here, taking a drive on the Pine to Palms Scenic Byway is always a good option. This is an event you can add to the itinerary year-round as well! The Pine to Palms Scenic Byway stretches across 67 miles of terrain and has a reputation for offering travelers some of the most coveted and perhaps unparalleled views of the desert landscape imaginable. Whether you make the entire trip or just travel a portion of the route, it’s an experience that’s sure to inspire.

Visit the Palm Springs Art Museum Sculpture Gardens in Palm Desert

Located at 72-567 Highway 111, the former Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert is a great option when you’re looking for something to enjoy with the family that’s cost-friendly, engaging, and educational. The museum itself no longer hosts exhibition halls, but the adjoining sculpture gardens remain open to the public for self-guided tours! The sculpture gardens sprawl across 4 acres of terrain and feature over 60 desert plans interwoven between 14 outdoor sculptures for guests to admire and enjoy. There’s no cost to appreciate the beauty found here and the gardens are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Enjoy the Coachella Valley Wildflower Festival

When travel plans bring your family to Palm Desert in March and you’re looking for a great way to engage in a festival atmosphere, be sure to check out the Coachella Valley Wildflower Festival while you’re here. Typically hosted in early March, this day-long event doesn’t require anything in the way of admission costs to enjoy. It’s an inviting experience where participants can try out activities designed to help them connect to the land. It’s a celebration of wellness and the great outdoors which encourages guests to enjoy the food options, live music, raffles, and activities available throughout the day. It’s a family-friendly event that promises to be one worth returning to time and again.

Spend Time at Fantasy Lanes Bowling Center in Indio

There’s a ton of budget-friendly family fun to be enjoyed for those who set their sights on Fantasy Lanes Bowling Center the next time they’re in Indio. Located at 84-245 Indio Springs Parkway, this inviting and vibrant bowling center is situated within the greater Hotel at Fantasy Springs and provides guests with access to 24 bowling lanes as well as an arcade and snack bar! Fantasy Lanes Bowling Center is open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 12:30 am and 12:00 midnight respectively. If you’re looking to get in on some real family-focused fun, plan your stop for a Friday or Saturday night when you can enjoy laser bowling for just $12 an hour!

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Deciding to pack a suitcase and get out of town is always an exciting choice. Those who have their travel sights set on scenic Palm Desert this 4th of July have even more to look forward to! Palm Desert comes to life in patriotic style this time of year with a long list of options for activities to enjoy waiting to be added to your 4th of July in Palm Desert itinerary. The following are just a few that will have you making your way in this direction when Independence Day rolls around.

Enjoy Time at the Palm Desert Independence Day Celebration

Whether you’re visiting Palm Desert on your own this year, enjoying time away as a couple, or in the company of family and friends, you’ll find that time at the Palm Desert Independence Day Celebration is the very definition of fun! This inviting annual event will be held July 4th between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm at Civic Center Park. Admission to the celebration is free and the event is hosted by the city. When you arrive, head straight over to the park’s amphitheater to enjoy the singing of the National Anthem. Once this patriotic moment has passed, the pace picks up as the Swing Cats Big Band takes to the stage. This performance is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and features everything from pop favorites to swing classics. When the last note is played and the sun has gone down, there’s still more to look forward to. Starting at 9:00 pm, celebration guests can enjoy a 20-minute fireworks display that’s sure to thrill! The fireworks are timed to patriotic songs that can be played by guests on local radio stations. Be sure to pack your blanket and chairs for this portion of the evening that can also be enjoyed with beverages and snacks that can be purchased from food trucks dotting the park. Those visiting Palm Desert over the holiday with a canine companion in tow will want to note that the Civic Center Park dog parks will be closed during the Independence Day Celebration. For planning purposes, Civic Center Park is found at 73510 Fred Warning Drive with parking options available in the lots which typically fill by 5:30 pm. If you happen to arrive after the lot is full, consider taking the free shuttle service that will be running between the park and The Gardens on El Paseo. Air-conditioning on these shuttles ensures the ride will be comfortable from departure to arrival!

Check Out Coachella Crossroads

If you’re in town a day early, but you’re looking to celebrate with the family, head over to Coachella Crossroads on July 3rd starting at 4 pm. This event is presented by Spotlight 29 Casino as well and offers up options for visitors to come and enjoy everything from on-site food and beverages to live musical performances and even hot air balloon rides! There are plenty of giveaway events happening at Coachella Crossroads, meaning you might walk away from the fun with an exciting souvenir in hand too. Coachella Crossroads is located at 46-200 Harrison Place in Coachella.

Add a Great View to Your Lineup

Palm Desert and the surrounding communities are known for their scenic views. When you’re looking to add some of the best into your 4th of July mix, consider taking to the road and heading towards Vista Point on Highway 74. A stop here means a great drive and impeccable views out over the greater Palm Springs area. The road is winding and captivating and there are plenty of options for photo stops along the way. Many who come to Vista Point choose to stay a while and even pack a picnic snack to enjoy.

Make it a Musical Experience

There’s something extra exciting about knowing you have a concert on the itinerary for a holiday way experience. If you’re planning to be in the Palm Desert area on July 3rd, booking a ticket to see Pepe Aguilar at Fantasy Springs Resort could be the highlight of your getaway! Fantasy Springs Resort is a short 20-minute drive east of central Palm Desert and the concert kicks off at 8:00 pm. Tickets range from $59 per person to $99 per person depending on location. This high-energy performance is bound to be memorable and will have you dancing in your seat from the moment the music begins. When the concert is done, guests can make the most of their time in the casino, testing their luck before returning to Palm Desert for the evening.

Book Your Stay Today and Enjoy 4th of July in Palm Desert

No matter what time of year you arrive, Palm Desert is a delightful vacation destination to call your own. When you’re looking for luxurious accommodations to top off your trip in style, the property professionals at TRAVLR have you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible options and how we can help you start turning those travel plans into a reality. Our team looks forward to seeing you in sunny California soon!

When a Palm Desert vacation is calling your name, winter is a wonderful time to leave cold and snow behind and focus on fun under the sun instead. The following are just a few of the many options for enhancing your itinerary when you’re ready to Book Your Winter 2022 Getaway Today!

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Get out on the Golf Course

Great weather and impeccable scenery to match-make Palm Desert, California a must-visit winter destination for travelers that can’t wait to hit the golf course in style. This area is packed with pristine course options to choose from whether you consider golf a hobby or you take the game as seriously as a professional. Desert Willow Golf Resort is a top option in Palm Desert for those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience on the links. This destination features two 18-hole golf courses that are often touted as the very best in the area. Those who are ready to hone their skills and put their best to the test will want to focus on the Firecliff Course. From water features to a plethora of exciting hazards to overcome, the course is designed to give even the most talented of golfers a hurdle or two to overcome. The second course at Desert Willow is known as the Mountain View course. It offers up a more relaxed atmosphere and fewer challenges with just as many spectacular views as Firecliff. When you’ve completed a round or two with family and friends, head over to one of the many bars and restaurants found on-site at Desert Willow Golf Resort. No matter where you land, you’ll find a savory moment waiting to greet you with outdoor dining options readily accessible and friendly staff at every turn.

Visit Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

If you happen to be traveling to Palm Desert this winter with little ones in tow, or you’re simply an adventurer looking for a connection with nature, making time on the itinerary for a trip to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is sure to inspire. This dual botanical garden and zoo is an incredible place to get up close to a variety of animal species from across the planet as well as plants that thrive in the California desert and other global desert destinations alike. Animal encounters at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens can include everything from zebras and camels to giraffes and wolves. If you’re looking to enjoy a moment of tranquility, a stroll through the on-site butterfly garden is just the ticket. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens host a collection of nature trails to explore as well as a petting zoo when the kids can’t wait to get even closer to the amazing creatures they’ve come to admire! The collection of diverse ecosystems and wildlife here makes a trip to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens a great place to incorporate engaging education into your family-friendly winter getaway.

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Sip Your Way to Fun

For those who are heading to Palm Desert with a group of friends this winter and are looking for a particularly savory stop to enjoy, Desert Wine Shop on 111 is it! This local boutique wine shop and tasting bar is a spectacular place to book a wine tasting experience that opens up a world of flavor with ease. Those who participate in a tasting here always have the option of purchasing their favorites before departing for the day. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm making it a convenient destination to add to your itinerary no matter what else is on the winter travel agenda. Whether you lean towards rich reds, fruity whites, roses, or sparkling selections, Desert Wine Shop on 111 is sure to have what you’re looking to enjoy and more!

Book a Hot Air Balloon Tour

No matter when you travel to Palm Desert, you’re sure to find yourself surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. A winter trip this way is no exception to the rule! If you’re hoping to gain a new perspective on the terrain while you’re in town this winter, booking a hot air balloon tour is a great way to do exactly that. Balloons Above is a wonderful local company with over 40-years of experience taking visitors to sky-high destinations where they can make the most of a bird’s eye view over the Coachella Valley and beyond. There’s something unforgettable about taking in city and desert landscapes from a place far above the land that’s peaceful and quiet, all while offering 360-degree views to savor. Booking a tour of this type might just be the highlight of your winter adventure!

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Enjoying time away in the scenic Palm Desert is something every traveler deserves. When you’re looking for luxurious accommodations to top off your trip, the team at TRAVLR is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible property options and to start planning!

Nestled into the scenic Coachella Valley within Riverside County, Palm Desert, California is a captivating vacation destination for travelers to enjoy year-round! The stunning desert landscapes found in this area paired with impeccable access to fun makes it a place where there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. Year-round, Palm Desert is loved for its incredible weather as well as its many art galleries, restaurants, shops, golf courses, scenic parks and beyond. Whether you’re someone who has a passion for time in the outdoors or you can’t wait to sit back, relax, and take in the view in style, Palm Desert offers up the best of it all with ease. While time here is always well-spent, those who head this way over Memorial Day weekend will find the city has a little extra to offer in the way of fun. The following are just as few of the many Memorial Day Palm Desert activities and attractions to check out when your travel plans bring you to the area for a Stay in Palm Desert this Memorial Day.

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Check out A.J. Freeman: Cole and Noel and I at the Arthur Newman Theatre

If you find yourself in the Palm Desert area over Memorial Day weekend, be sure to make some time to attend the stunning musical performance being put on at the Arthur Newman Theatre while you’re in town! Cole and Noel and I is a show dedicated to the musical genius of Cole Porter and Noel Coward. The performance covers some of these musician’s most recognizable Broadway hits in a vibrant and unforgettable way. The show is directed by Karen Morrow and includes Musical Director Greg Schreiner. This event will kick off at 2:00 pm on May 29, 2022, and tickets can be purchased online for $15 in advance. The Arthur Newman Theatre is located at 73750 Catalina Way in Palm Desert.

Hang out in Civic Center Park

The weather in Palm Desert is delightful year-round, but Memorial Day weekend tends to be particularly appealing for those who enjoy being outdoors. When you’re headed this way for the holiday, be sure to add a trip to the Civic Center Park to your Memorial Day itinerary. Located at 43900 San Pablo Avenue, Civic Center Park sprawls across 70 acres of terrain and is Palm Deserts largest community park. Popular amongst locals and visitors alike, Civic Center Park is an idyllic place to kick back and relax or enjoy some friendly competition. The park hosts palm tree-lined pathways to roam as well as wide open green spaces that beckons visitors to come and make the most of an afternoon picnic. There are also tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball courts to be found on-site as well as playgrounds, a rose garden, public art, and an amphitheater.

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Golf at Desert Willow Golf Resort

For those travelers who can’t imagine a getaway without a tee time on the itinerary, Memorial Day weekend is a wonderful time to put your skills to the test at Desert Willow Golf Resort. Located at 38-995 Desert Willow Drive in Palm Desert, this course is both inspiring and one-of-a-kind. Here, golfers can enjoy access to two award-winning championship golf courses with 18-holes each. In fact, many have deemed these courses the very best of their kind in the region! Mountain View course offers up smoother terrain to try out while Firecliff is ideal for those on the hunt for a new challenge. From water features to exciting hazards to overcome, golfers will find Desert Willow has something to keep everyone engaged in the game. When you’ve worked up an appetite after a round or two, there are several on-site bars and restaurants to choose from as well as outdoor dining options when you’re excited to maximize the view.

Attend the Memorial Day Flower Drop

Each year on Memorial Day, the nearby Palm Springs Air Museum hosts a breathtaking flower drop in dedication to fallen comrades. This fly-by flower drop includes more than 3,000 white and red carnations released from a B-25 Mitchell bomber. This year, the flower drop will be held from 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm on May 30th. Guests who come for the drop are invited to stick around after the display as they’ll find a variety of family-friendly activities to enjoy as well as flight exhibitions throughout the day. Tickets for the event begin at $17.50 per person and guests are welcome to take a flower home post-drop. The Palm Springs Air Museum is located at 745 N. Gene Autry Trail.

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Book Your Stay in Palm Desert this Memorial Day

No matter when you find yourself in Palm Desert, the property professionals at TRAVLR are here to make sure you have the luxurious accommodations to meet the moment. Our team is happy to help our guests get settled into a Memorial Day home away from home that includes the comfort, style, and convenience they deserve during a California adventure. Reach out today to learn more about our many options and to get started planning. We look forward to seeing you in sunny California soon!